My appeal to you....

Please take a few moments to read my appeal.  My heart is to care for those on our planet who have absolutely nothing. With help, for the last 14 years I have been able to support the guardians and orphan children in many ways. A lot of work here has been completed, but the work remaining is ongoing, and still very important to these people.

As the founder of the charity I don't get any funding or grants, because I registered the charity in Blantyre, Malawi. I have a handful of friends and supporters who have been on this journey with me for many years, and their input is very much appreciated. I don't ask people for money for this work because I believe that those who want to will...

                                       An appeal on behalf of the Orphans...

So this is where the rubber hits the road so to speak. To buy a single bed, blanket and mattress for one member comes to £50.00.  I feel that I have been called to go to Malawi and to stand with the people that have become good friends, and I will continue to improve their lives for as long as possible...

Many people suffer under the curse of witchcraft, suffering sicknesses and diseases and losing children during birth because of what has been spoken over them. I would like to point out that I am not Billy Graham, I'm not a Pastor, preacher or theologian, but just an ordinary guy on an extraordinary mission. I have been able to go out to Malawi 8 times but I believe that I am going to stay out there for a longer time so that the work can progress more quickly...  In order for this to be achieved, I need to have somewhere to get some decent sleep, to spend time alone to pray and think, and be able to eat on a regular basis.

Accommodation is very cheap, about £10 / £14 a night, this also includes a security gate and night watchman. If you would like to support what God is doing in this country you might like to consider helping me to help them, and to continue making a real difference to these people's lives. 

What's in it for you?

1. Regular photos and progress updates - (frequency to be determined)

1. The opportunity to connect up with a PenPal

2. I personally guarantee that 100% of any donation will reach the source of need in Malawi... I don't know of ANY other "charities" that guarantee this, do you?

3. You can also get a receipt for the full amount of any financial donations, and if this is for something specific then you will also receive a photo of the recipient receiving the gift whatever that may be.

4. People have said that they have no concerns about donating to New Hope Ministries because they know where the money is going every time. I always go the extra mile for those who donate because I see the faces of those at the other end, ...and it is precious.  

            Thank you, Roy Maloney  - (Founder) New Hope Ministries - (2005 - 2017)







Roy Maloney - Founder New Hope Ministries 2005 - 2017








                                                         (New Hope Ministries is a registered non profit Christian Charity)

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