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I have just returned from my 8th trip to Mzuzu Malawi to see the progress and to determine the best way forward for the New Hope Children Foundation. The visit was 100% successful, I could not have asked for anything better. Things were accomplished that were not even on the agenda, which was great. One of our team members died of pneumonia a little while ago now, and I wanted to visit the grandmother who is looking after the young daughter that has been left behind. She was very happy to see us again, and invited us into the house. It was evident that the place was desperate for a decent coat of paint and some serious rendering. I got some men in and work began. The house was rendered outside and then lime washed and painted inside and out within 3 days. It now looks very clean and habitable. The electric will be put in on my next visit.










A water well was put in to serve the community but no one took charge of it and so it was damaged and useless so I had the team rip it out and have put it where the community will take care of it. This is Africa!



The orphans all got to eat and drink and are very much cared for, for me this is what it is all about...



One last word .. I would like to say thank you to my friend Chris "Jambulani man" Bryan, cameraman extraordinaire for accompanying me no less than 4 times on my mission trips, and has had me in stitches numerous times. We have sat on numerous beds in numerous rooms with no water or electric and shared bananas, nuts and soup! I do appreciate your support Chris, and see you in the winter.....



Several people have asked me if I will go and live there, I have thought about it and it is a decision I have now made so watch this space...  don't forget, you can help me to help them if you want to, just email me and I will get back to you. Some supporters are making direct debit payments of just £2.50 a week, £10.00 a month, and believe me this makes a real difference in Malawi if you are starving for a loaf of bread. I am just one man trying to make a difference with the help of a few very faithful supporters and friends, and God bless them for their hearts. Just 2 costa coffees would help to feed a family of four for 3/4 days.......

                                         thank you for taking the time to visit my site....

                                            Roy  - chiyembekezo@hotmail.com


We have a clothing bank in Newton Abbot, it is in the entrance to the Burdett Building / New Scout Building just past Asda on the Totnes road. If you have unwanted clothes, Shoes or handbags, then please donate them to us. The clothes are collected and taken to Cullompton where they are sorted out by quality. The old clothes are used for rags for places like garages, the better clothes are then put into one ton bales and then shipped across to all parts of Africa to an agent who distributes them to the poor. As a charity, we get paid for the tonnage weight, and this money is then sent direct to Malawi to Gilbert, who will use as directed. Nothing is taken out first, no admin fees as we have no overheads, so 100% is given.

If you want ALL of your donation or clothes money to go to a 100% trusted source then please help us, we have a great reputation with many people who donate clothes to us and have done for many years. People say this to me... "I am very happy to give to your charity because I know exactly where it is going". As mentioned previously, everyone who gives financially will get a receipt plus plus plus....you can't lose!

I am a Christian on a mission, and my heart is to help those in Malawi who are desperately in need. Maybe you would like to consider leaving a legacy, maybe a car, maybe a financial one off donation or even a monthly donation by direct debit, I don't know, but what I do know is that it would be money that is changing real people's lives.......guaranteed!!  So thank you.....Roy



                                                                    Please feel free to contact me, I don't bite!

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