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This is our 12th year working to improve the conditions for the Orphans and families in Mzuzu Malawi, and what a journey it's been! If anyone tells you that working in Africa is easy, they need their heads read! It was very stressful for the first few years, dealing with people I wish I had never met, but as a Christian I had the faith that will, and did enable me to overcome the greed and lies of some of the people.

I have been blessed to be able to go out to Malawi 6 times, and am going back again in the near future as funds allow.

I am looking forward to spending quality time with the team, and with Gilbert who is now the director of the Charity in Mzuzu. I have a team of men and women there who have become great friends.
Good progress has been made over the years despite a few cultural issues I am very pleased to report.

A 3rd Orphanage is under construction and the team are working hard to get this finished as we speak. On my last visit several things were achieved such as...

* Rent paid for a lady to start her own tailoring shop. This is now working well and she is now self sufficient.

* Solar lights bought for family living by mobile phone light

* Sewing machine for lady setting up her own business

* Bicycle bought for director to get from site to site

* Mobile phones bought so team can communicate

* New coats bought for team members

* Debts paid for friend of team

* Land bought to build orphanage / team members house on

* Water pump installed on the land to serve the Community

* More beds, blankets and mattresses bought for team members

                                                Yet to do:

* More beds, blankets and mattresses to buy for those in need

* Electricity to be installed in a guardians home

The list goes on, but it is an honour to be able to give them the things they need as well as a few they would like. The idea is not to "Westernise" them buy giving them the stuff we can't live without here in the UK, but to bless them with a few nice things that they otherwise would never have.







Ruth & the team

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