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This is my 14th year working to improve the conditions for the Orphans and families in Mzuzu Malawi, and what a journey it's been! It was very stressful for the first few years, dealing with people I wish I had never met, but as a Christian I had the faith that will, and did enable me to overcome the greed and lies of some of the people.

I have been blessed to be able to go out to Malawi 8 times, and am going back again very soon to continue this valuable work..

I have a great team there who have become good friends.

On my last visit several things were achieved such as...

* Rent paid for a lady to start her own tailoring shop. This is now working well and she is now self sufficient.

* Solar lights bought for family living by mobile phone light

* Sewing machine for lady setting up her own business

* Mobile phones bought so team can communicate

* New coats bought for team members

* Debts paid for friend of team

* Land bought to build orphanage / team members house on

* Water pump installed on the land to serve the Community

* More beds, blankets and mattresses bought for team members

                                                Yet to do:

* More beds, blankets and mattresses to buy for those in need

* Electricity to be installed in a guardians home

* Another 12 water wells to install!

* Solar lights for a whole village!

The list goes on, but it is an honour to be able to give them the things they need as well as a few they would like. The idea is not to "Westernise" them buy giving them the stuff we can't live without here in the UK, but to bless them with a few nice things that they otherwise would never have.

Do you want to help me to help them? Get in touch.. remember no admin fees, nothing taken out of your donation, evidence photo and contact details of the recipient, and receipt for your donation...

NO other charity offers this...... Have a great day! 








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     Founder & Director Roy Maloney

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